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Automesher application update 1.5.1 supports AutoCAD 2013

We are pleased to announce today the new Automesher application update 1.5.1 to import / export many of 3D file formats and convert 3D drawing meshes into real solid objects. The new Automesher release comes with support for the new AutoCAD 2013, BricsCAD V13 and ZWCAD 2012 drawing editors. It also supports the newest Trimble Sketchup SKP 8 and Rhinoceros 3DM 5 file formats.

The new version of Automesher plugin allows grouping 3D drawing entities by their layer name property. This new Automesher feature further enhances and simplifies mesh to solid conversion process and enables editing complex models and drawing meshes in a more efficient way. We belive that this with some other significant improvements we have introduced in Automesher make this update a must to have item in your CAD environment.

The new Automesher application for AutoCAD, ZWCAD or BricsCAD DWG editors and its standalone version that works directly under Windows operating system can be freely downloaded from the Automesher product page. You can fully and freely test Automesher application during the initial evaluation day. After that period a paid subscription will be required to continue using its functionality.