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How to Convert Non-Manifold Polyface Mesh to Watertight 3D Solid Object with Automesher: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Initiate Mesh Conversion:Step 1: Initiate Mesh Conversion

    Call the AMCONVERTMESH command from our Automesher Application to begin the conversion process.
  2. Select a Polyface Mesh:Step 2: Select a Polyface Mesh

    In the current DWG drawing, select the input non-manifold polyface mesh that you wish to convert into a 3d solid entity.
  3. Configure Conversion Settings:Step 3: Configure Conversion Settings

    In the mesh to 3d solid conversion dialog box, ensure to select the Fill Holes checkbox to allow for automatic hole detection and filling. Press OK to start the automatic detection and filling of any mesh holes.
  4. Conversion Complete:Step 4: Conversion Complete

    After the process is complete, a new manifold and watertight 3d solid will be added to your DWG drawing.

Filling Mesh Holes: Concluding Remarks

Following these steps will help you successfully convert a non-manifold mesh into a manifold and watertight 3d solid entity, which is essential for various applications in 3D modeling and printing. This process ensures that your 3d solid is ready for further manipulation or fabrication without any issues related to holes or non-manifold geometry. Always make sure to review the final solid for any anomalies to ensure the highest quality for your projects. Enjoy converting with our tools!