Convert 3D Files

Convert 3D File Formats 3D

Our standalone Autoconverter and Autoshaper software products allow you to convert between most popular 3D file formats including 3D (Unreal Mesh), 3DM (Rhinoceros 3D Model), 3DS (3D-Studio File Format), 3MF (3D Manufacturing Format), AC (AC3D), AMF (Additive Manufacturing), ASC (Point Cloud), ASE (Autodesk Scene Export), B3D (BlitzBasic 3D), BLEND (Blender 3D), BREP (Boundary Representation), BVH (Biovision Hierarchy), COB (Caligari TrueSpace Object), CSM (Character Studio Motion), DAE (Collada), DXF (Drawing Exchange Format), FBX (Filmbox), GeoJSON (GeoJSON Features Collection), GLTF (GL Transmission), GPX (GPS Exchange), HMP (3D GameStudio Heightmap), IDTF (Intermediate Data Text File), IFC (The Industry Foundation Classes), IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification), IV (Inventor File), JSON (CityJSON), KML (Keyhole Markup Language), KMZ (Google Earth Placemark), LWO (LightWave Object), LWS (LightWave Scene), M3D (Model 3D), OBJ (Alias Wavefront Object), OFF (Object File Format), OGEX (Open Game Engine Exchange), PLY (Stanford Polygon Format), RAW (POV-Ray Triangles), SAT (Standard ACIS Text), SHP (ESRI Shapefile), SKP (Trimble SketchUp), STEP (STandardized Exchange of Product), STL (Stereolithography), TER (Terragen Heightmap), U3D (Universal 3D), VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language), X (DirectX 3D), X3D (Extensible 3D), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), BMP (Windows Bitmap Image), GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), and XGL (MegaBitz Graphics Language).