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Nurbs surface reconstruction from triangle mesh or point cloud data

Surface reconstruction from point cloud data is a reverse engineering process required for example in post production analysis. If you need to bring your scanned model back to your DWG editor then our new Autoshaper software can help you in converting your point cloud data into a free form solid shape. That new shape generated from triangle mesh or point cloud data can be exported for further editing to any file format supporting nurbs surfaces, either STEP, IGES or Rhino 3DM. In the next Autoshaper updates we will also add support for spatial SAT file format.

Polyface mesh or surface to manifold faceted 3D solid conversion

Automesher application for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and ZWCAD version 1.7.5 allows to convert any polyface mesh or surface entity into a valid manifold 3D solid object. In many cases, due to small gaps present in the source mesh or other geometry related errors, it is not possible to convert directly into a 3D solid, and instead an open surface is created.

Automapki application creates satellite background image in DWG drawings

The recent Automapki application release 1.4.0 allows users to insert web map tiles directly into DWG drawings and create satellite or aerial background images for the selected working area. This feature gives every AutoCAD, BricsCAD or ZWCAD user a new possibility to design and draw on top of any supported web map provider either MapQuest, Open Aerial or Open Street Map.