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SketchUp SKP Components and AutoCAD DWG Blocks

If you are a user of SketchUp and AutoCAD, you might be interested in Automesher Application, a software that allows you to import and export 3D models between these two programs. Automesher has many features that make it easy and convenient to work with SKP files in AutoCAD environment, but one of the most notable ones is how it handles SKP component instances and DWG block references.

Integrating WMS Layers with AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a popular CAD (Computer-Aided Design) platform that can be used for various design and engineering purposes. However, if you want to access geo-spatial data from web map services (WMS) in AutoCAD enviroment, you might need a third-party add-on. Automapki Application is a software that enables you to import and display WMS layers in AutoCAD and other DWG editors. It supports different spatial reference systems (SRS), including spherical mercator (EPSG:3857), which is the most widely used projection for web mapping applications.

Working with STL Files in AutoCAD

STL files are common for 3D printing, as they represent the surface geometry of a 3D object with a mesh of triangles. However, STL files are not native to AutoCAD, and therefore they require some additional steps if you want to import or export them in AutoCAD environment. In this article, we will show you how to use the STLOUT command and Automesher Application to work with STL files in AutoCAD. You will also learn how to convert STL files to solid or mesh drawing entities.