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Comparing Automesher LT and Automesher Application: A Detailed Review

Introduction to Automesher LT and Automesher Application

Automesher LT and Automesher Application are both powerful extensions for AutodeskĀ® AutoCADĀ®, enhancing its capabilities by allowing the import and export of many 3D mesh file formats, including but not limited to, 3DS (3D-Studio File Format), OBJ (Alias Wavefront Object), and STL (Stereolithography). Furthermore, they facilitate the conversion of 3D drawing entities such as polygon or polyface meshes.

Key Features of the Free Automesher LT AutoCAD App

Automesher LT, available for free on the Autodesk App Store, is an add-on for AutoCAD that expands its functionality by enabling the import and export of popular 3D mesh file formats, providing a handy toolkit for basic 3D modeling tasks. It supports many 3D file extensions, including 3DS, STL, OBJ, OFF (Object File Format), and PLY (Stanford Polygon Format). The AMIMPORTMESHLT, AMEXPORTMESHLT, and AMCONVERTMESHLT commands allow users to import and export mesh files, and convert a mesh entity type, respectively. This makes it suitable for hobbyists or users with straightforward CAD needs.

Automesher Application: An Advanced Solution

While Automesher LT offers a solid foundation, the premium Automesher application unlocks a comprehensive set of functionalities that cater to even the most demanding design workflows. Here's what sets the premium application apart:

  • Advanced File Format Support: In addition to the formats supported by Automesher LT, the full application boasts compatibility with a wider range of file formats, including FBX (FilmBox), SKP (SketchUp), STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product), and IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification). This expanded support allows you to work seamlessly with a broader range of design tools and software.
  • 3D Solid Object Conversion: A key differentiator of the premium application is its ability to convert any 3D drawing entity into a valid 3D solid object. This advanced functionality empowers you to manipulate and utilize your 3D models in AutoCAD with even greater flexibility.

Our Automesher application streamlines your workflow and maximizes efficiency, making it ideal for design professionals who require a comprehensive solution for managing and manipulating 3D data within AutoCAD.

Choosing Between Automesher LT and Automesher Application

In conclusion, both Automesher LT and the full Automesher version offer robust features for handling 3D mesh file formats in AutoCAD. While Automesher LT caters to the basic needs of importing, exporting, and converting 3D mesh file formats for free, Automesher Application provides additional advanced features, including support for a wider range of file formats and the ability to convert any 3D drawing entity into a solid object, making it suitable for more complex DWG projects. Therefore, the choice between the two would depend on the specific requirements and the level of functionality required by the user.