Convert Rhinoceros 3DM to SKP SketchUp File

How to Convert 3DM to SKP (Rhino to SketchUp) File Format: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Software Installation:Step 1: Software Installation

    Begin by downloading and installing our Autoconverter software, which is essential for converting Rhino 3DM files to SketchUp SKP format. Once installed, you can start the program by clicking on its new shortcut in the Windows Start menu.
  2. Opening Your Rhino 3DM File:Step 2: Opening Your Rhino 3DM File

    In the Autoconverter user interface, click on the Open... button located in the ribbon bar. Navigate to your Rhinoceros 3DM file and select it to load it into Autoconverter's model space.
  3. Setting Tessellation Quality:Step 3: Setting Tessellation Quality

    Before the conversion process begins, you’ll need to define the mesh tessellation quality parameter. This parameter controls the quality of the conversion from Rhino NURBS to SketchUp mesh geometry.
    • A lower quality setting results in a simplified mesh and a smaller SKP file size.
    • A higher quality setting yields a more precise mesh but a larger SKP file size.
  4. Fixing Geometry Defects:Step 4: Fixing Geometry Defects

    Ensure a flawless conversion by addressing any defects in the model geometry using the included tools. This step is crucial for achieving a polished SketchUp representation.
  5. Saving the SKP File:Step 5: Saving the SKP File

    Once the geometry defects are fixed, click on the Save As… button in the ribbon bar to save your Rhino 3DM model as a SketchUp SKP file. Your SKP file is ready to be explored and enhanced in the SketchUp software.

Convert 3DM Files to SKP Files: Conclusion

In conclusion, this tutorial provides a comprehensive guide to converting Rhinoceros files to SketchUp format using our Autoconverter software. Remember, the quality of the conversion can be controlled by adjusting the tessellation quality parameter. Always ensure that your 3DM model geometry is defect-free before conversion. Happy converting!