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Convert 3D solid to polyface mesh in AutoCAD

How to convert 3D solid to polyface mesh in AutoCAD step by step tutorial.

  1. To convert solid to polyface mesh in AutoCAD install the Automesher application.
  2. Restart your AutoCAD session in order to load the Automesher add-on & custom menu.
  3. Type the AMCONVERTMESH custom command to convert 3d solids into polyface meshes.
  4. From the current drawing select your input solid entities for polyface mesh conversion.
  5. Choose PolyfaceMesh entity type as a solid conversion result & press OK button to convert.
    • Solid to mesh conversion quality is controlled by the FACETRES system variable.
    • Higher FACETRES values will produce more precise polyface mesh representation.
  6. The evaluation version of solid to mesh converter allows for maximum 20 conversions only.
  7. The reverse conversion from polyface mesh to 3D solid is also supported by the Automesher add-on.