Convert 3D Solid to Polyface Mesh in AutoCAD

How to Convert 3D Solid to Polyface Mesh in AutoCAD: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Install Automesher Application:Step 1: Install Automesher Application

    To transform a solid into a polyface mesh in AutoCAD, you’ll first need to install our Automesher Application. After installation, restart your AutoCAD session to load our Automesher add-on and its customization file.
  2. Launch Conversion Command:Step 2: Launch Conversion Command

    Next, enter the custom command AMCONVERTMESH to initiate the conversion of 3D solids into polyface meshes. Select the solid entities from your current drawing that you wish to convert into polyface meshes.
  3. Control Conversion Quality:Step 3: Control Conversion Quality

    Ensure that the PolyfaceMesh entity type is selected as the result of the solid conversion, and click the OK button to start the conversion process. The quality of the solid to mesh conversion is controlled by the FACETRES system variable. Higher FACETRES values will yield a more accurate polyface mesh representation.
  4. Evaluation Version Limitation:Step 4: Evaluation Version Limitation

    Please note that the trial version of the solid to mesh converter allows for a maximum of 20 conversions. Additionally, our Automesher add-on also supports the reverse conversion from a polyface mesh to a 3D solid.

Convert 3D Solids to Polyface Meshes: Conclusion

In closing, our Automesher Application is a powerful tool for converting solids into polyface meshes in AutoCAD. Its user-friendly interface and efficient conversion process make it an invaluable tool for every AutoCAD user. Remember to adjust the FACETRES system variable for optimal conversion quality. Happy converting!