How to Convert Sketchup SKP to OBJ Alias File

How to Convert SketchUp SKP to OBJ Alias File Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Download and Install Autoconverter:

    Autoconverter is a software that can convert various 3D file formats, including SKP and OBJ. You can download it from the product page and proceed with the installation.
  2. Run SKP to OBJ File Converter:

    After installing Autoconverter, you can launch it by clicking on its Windows menu shortcut. You will see the main interface of the software, which has a ribbon bar and a 3D viewer.
  3. Open Sketchup SKP File:

    To open your SketchUp SKP file, click on the Open ribbon button and navigate to the folder where your SKP file is located. Select the file and press the Open button to load it into the Autoconverter document. You will see a preview of your SKP model in the 3D viewer.
  4. Save SKP File as OBJ File:

    To save your SKP file as OBJ file, click on the Save As ribbon button and choose the OBJ file format from the filter drop-down list. Then, choose a destination folder and a file name for your OBJ file and press the Save button to start the conversion process.
  5. Check the Conversion Result:

    After the conversion is completed, you can check the result by opening the OBJ file with any 3D software that supports it, such as Alias, Blender, or Maya. You can also compare the original SKP file and the converted OBJ file directly in our Autoconverter software.

Please note, the evaluation version of Autoconverter allows you to convert up to 10 files for free. If you want to convert more files, or use it after the evaluation period, you need to purchase a license.

In conclusion, this guide has shown you how to convert SketchUp SKP to OBJ Alias file using Autoconverter software. This is a simple and fast way to convert 3D models between different file formats. You can also use Autoconverter to convert other 3D file formats, such as STL, PLY, 3DS, and more. Happy converting!