How to Convert Alias Wavefront OBJ to SKP Sketchup File

How to Convert OBJ to SKP (Alias Wavefront to Sketchup) File Format: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Unlock 3D Conversion Power:Step 1: Unlock 3D Conversion Power

    Begin by downloading and installing our Autoconverter software, a powerful tool for 3D file conversion. After the installation you will be able to start Autoconverter with a single click in the Windows Start menu.
  2. Import Your Wavefront OBJ File:Step 2: Import Your Wavefront OBJ File

    Click the Open... button to open and import your input Wavefront OBJ file into the Autoconverter document.
  3. Ensure Model Integrity with Healing Tools:Step 3: Ensure Model Integrity with Healing Tools

    Heal the model geometry if any defects, such as mesh holes, are present. This ensures the integrity of your SketchUp 3D model.
  4. Export Your OBJ File to an SKP File:Step 4: Export Your OBJ File to an SKP File

    Press the Save As... button to export and save your healed OBJ model in the SketchUp SKP file format.
  5. Evaluation Version Considerations:Step 5: Evaluation Version Considerations

    Note that the free evaluation version of our OBJ files converter allows for 10 conversions only. This allows you to test our software before committing to a full paid version.
  6. Reverse Conversion Support:Step 6: Reverse Conversion Support

    Last but not least, our Autoconverter also supports the reverse conversion from a SketchUp SKP to a Wavefront OBJ file.

Convert OBJ Files to SKP Files: Conclusion

In conclusion, Autoconverter software provides a comprehensive solution for converting 3D files between OBJ and SKP formats. It not only allows for conversion but also offers tools to heal model geometry, ensuring the quality of your 3D models. Whether you’re working with OBJ or SKP files, Autoconverter simplifies the formats exchange, making 3D file conversion a breeze. Enjoy your 3D modeling journey!