SKP File Converter for FREE

How to Use SketchUp SKP File Converter for FREE: Step by Step Tutorial.

  1. Install Autoconverter Evaluation Version:SKP file converter for free

    First, you need to download and install the evaluation version of Autoconverter. This will allow you to convert SketchUp SKP files for free during the evaluation period.
  2. Start Our SKP Files Converter:Step 2: Start Our SKP Files Converter

    Once the installation is complete, you can start our SKP files converter using its shortcut in your Windows Start menu. Autoconverter will open in a new window with a ribbon bar, groups and properties panels, and a 3D view for your SKP models.
  3. Import Your SketchUp SKP File:Step 3: Import Your SketchUp SKP File

    Next, import your SketchUp SKP file into the Autoconverter model space. This is where the conversion process will take place. You can use the 3D view and the mouse buttons to zoom, pan, and rotate your SketchUp SKP model.
  4. Export Your SKP Model to a Rhino 3DM File:Step 4: Export Your SKP Model to a Rhino 3DM File

    After importing your SKP file, you can then export it to the Rhino 3DM file format. To export your SketchUp SKP model use the file menu and select Save As....
  5. Save Your SKP File as a Wavefront OBJ File:Step 5: Save Your SKP File as a Wavefront OBJ File

    In addition to the Rhino 3DM file format, you can also save your SKP file as a Wavefront OBJ file. You can quickly save an SKP file with the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut.
  6. Convert SKP Files to Other 3D File Formats:Step 6: Convert SKP Files to Other 3D File Formats

    The evaluation version of Autoconverter allows you to freely convert your SketchUp SKP file to other 3D mesh file formats, such as STL, FBX, DAE, PLY, 3DS, and others.

SKP Files Converter: Conclusion

This guide provides a step-by-step process for converting SketchUp SKP files using our Autoconverter software. Remember, the free evaluation version only allows for a maximum of 10 conversions. If you need to do more file conversions, or your evaluation period has expired, you will need to purchase a license. Happy converting!