Surface Reconstruction From SKP Mesh File

How to Reconstruct Surface from SKP SketchUp Mesh File: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Download and Install Autoshaper:Surface reconstruction from SKP mesh file with Autoshaper

    Begin by downloading our Autoshaper software from the product page. It is freely available for download. Run the downloaded installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install Autoshaper on your computer.
  2. Launch Autoshaper:Step 2: Launch Autoshaper

    After installation, launch Autoshaper from the Windows Start menu shortcut created during the installation process.
  3. Open Your SKP File:Step 3: Open Your SKP File

    Open your SketchUp SKP file that contains mesh models within Autoshaper.
  4. Adjust Surface Quality:Step 4: Adjust Surface Quality

    Use the slider control to specify your desired limit for surface quality. Remember, a higher quality setting will increase the file size.
  5. Convert Your Mesh to Nurbs Patches:Step 5: Convert Your Mesh to Nurbs Patches

    Autoshaper will automatically convert your mesh model into smooth NURBS patches.
  6. Surface Reconstruction:Step 6: Surface Reconstruction

    Note that surface reconstruction is not limited to SKP files. It is also available for STL, OBJ, and OFF mesh files.

Surface Reconstruction: Concluding Remarks

Autoshaper is a powerful tool that allows you to convert complex mesh models into smooth and precise NURBS surfaces. By following these steps, you can easily enhance your 3D models with high-quality surfaces suitable for a variety of professional applications. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of transforming your designs with Autoshaper!