How to Convert Rhino 3DM to STEP File Format

How to Convert 3DM to STEP (Rhino to STEP) File Format: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Download and Install Autoshaper:Autoshaper converts nurbs from Rhino 3DM into STEP file

    To convert a Rhino 3DM to a STEP file, you need to download and install Autoshaper software from the product page. Autoshaper is a powerful and easy-to-use software that allows you to convert, import, and export various 3D file formats, including a Rhino 3DM and STEP.
  2. Start Our 3DM Files Converter:Step 2: Start Our 3DM Files Converter

    Once Autoshaper software is installed, you can start our 3DM files converter by clicking on its new Windows Start menu shortcut that was created during the installation process.
  3. Import Your Rhino 3DM File:Step 3: Import Your Rhino 3DM File

    Once you have opened Autoshaper, you can import your Rhino 3DM file into the Autoshaper document by clicking on the Open... item in the file menu. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your 3DM file into the 3D viewer area.
  4. Update Your 3DM Model (Optional):Step 4: Update Your 3DM Model (Optional)

    If necessary, you can update your Rhino 3DM model using the functions available from the edit ribbon group. This step is optional and depends on whether you need to make any changes to your 3DM model before conversion.
  5. Export Your Rhino Nurbs Model to a STEP File:Step 5: Export Your Rhino Nurbs Model to a STEP File

    When you are satisfied with your 3DM model, you can export it to a STEP file format by clicking on the Save As... toolbar button. A file save dialog will appear, where you can choose the folder where you want to save the STEP file and the file name with *.stp or *.step extension. Then, click on the Save button to export the 3DM NURBS model to a STEP file format.

Convert 3DM Files to STEP Files: Conclusion

Converting Rhino 3DM files to STEP files using Autoshaper is a straightforward process. By following these steps, you can easily convert your Rhino 3DM models for use in different software or for different purposes. Remember to consider the limitations of the evaluation version if you plan to perform multiple conversions. Happy converting!