Convert STEP File to Different Schema Version

How to Convert STEP File to a Different Schema Version: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Download Autoconverter Software:Step 1: Download Autoconverter Software

    Download our Autoconverter software from the product page. Once downloaded install it on your computer.
  2. Start Our STEP Files Converter:Step 2: Start Our STEP Files Converter

    Launch our STEP files converter by clicking on the new Windows Start menu shortcut created during installation.
  3. Convert File Version:Step 3: Convert File Version

    In the file menu, select Convert File Version… to initiate the STEP conversion process.
  4. Select STEP Files:Step 4: Select STEP Files

    In the open file dialog, navigate to the location of the input STEP file whose schema version you want to change. Then, in the next file dialog, specify a new name for the converted STEP file.
  5. Specify STEP Schema Version:Step 5: Specify STEP Schema Version

    In the "STEP Save Parameters" dialog, choose the target STEP schema to convert your input file to:
    • Select AP203 to convert your STEP schema to version AP203.
    • Select AP214CD to convert your STEP schema to version AP214 CD.
    • Select AP214DIS to convert your STEP schema to version AP214 DIS.
    • Select AP214IS to convert your STEP schema to version AP214 IS.
    • Select AP242DIS to convert your STEP schema to version AP242 DIS.
    Press OK to start the conversion of your STEP file to the new schema version.

Convert STEP Versions: Conclusion

By following these steps, you will successfully convert your STEP file to the desired schema version. Remember to save your work and verify the conversion by opening the new STEP file in a compatible software to ensure that the schema version has been updated correctly. This process allows for greater compatibility and flexibility when working with different CAD systems or sharing files with collaborators who may require specific schema versions. Happy converting!