Explode Component Instances into Mesh Groups

How to Explode Component Instances into Mesh Groups: Step by Step Tutorial

Explode Component Instances into Mesh Groups
  1. Download and Install Autoconverter:

    First, download and install our Autoconverter software on your computer to handle the geometry component instances.
  2. Open Your File:

    Launch our software and open your model file. This could be an SKP, 3DS, DAE, 3DM, FBX, or STEP file that contains the components you wish to explode.
  3. Save as OBJ:

    Click on the Save As... toolbar button and choose to save your model as a temporary OBJ file. The OBJ format does not support components, so they will be exploded automatically during this save process.
  4. Open OBJ File:

    Now, click on the Open... toolbar button and navigate to the location of your temporary OBJ file and open it.
  5. Verify Mesh Groups:

    With the Wavefront OBJ file open, you should notice that in the groups panel, only mesh groups are present, indicating that the components have been exploded.
  6. Save in Original Format:

    Click on the Save As... button and save your model back into its original file format.
  7. Check File Size:

    Finally, notice that the file size of your model has increased. This is because the instances of components have been exploded into individual geometries.

Explode Components: Conclusion

By following these steps, you have successfully exploded the geometry component instances in your model with our Autoconverter software. This process can be particularly useful when you need to edit individual elements or prepare your model for certain types of rendering or simulation software that require non-component geometries. Remember to always save your work and keep backups of your original files before making significant changes. Happy modeling!