How to Convert GLTF File Version

How to Convert GLTF File Version: Step by Step Tutorial

How to Convert GLTF File Version
  1. Acquire Autoconverter Software:

    Visit the product page and download the Autoconverter software installer. It is invaluable tool for converting GLTF and other file formats. Make sure to choose the correct version for your operating system.
  2. Launch Autoconverter:

    Once the installation is complete, run Autoconverter. You can find its shortcut in the Windows Start menu. Then, from the file menu select Convert File Version….
  3. Select GLTF Files:

    In the open file dialog box, locate and select your input GLTF or GLB file. Once the input file is chosen, enter a new name for the converted GLTF file in the next dialog box.
  4. Set GLTF Save Parameters:

    In the GLTF Save Parameters dialog, define the required GLTF file version. Choose between GLTF V1 and GLTF V2 based on your compatibility requirements.
  5. Enable Draco Compression (For GLTF V2 Only):

    If you've selected GLTF version V2, you have the option to enable Draco compression for your GLTF file. Enable this feature to optimize file size and loading times.
  6. Convert GLTF Version:

    Press the OK button to initiate the GLTF version conversion process. Autoconverter seamlessly transforms your GLTF file into the specified version, ensuring compatibility with different platforms.

Convert GLTF File Versions: Conclusion

In conclusion, this guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough for converting GLTF file versions using our Autoconverter. Remember that Draco compression can help you in optimizing file sizes, bur only for GLTF files in the version V2. Happy converting with our converter!