Convert Grayscale PNG Image into STL 3D Model

How to Convert a Grayscale PNG Image into an STL 3D Model: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Open your PNG Image:Step 1: Open your PNG Image

    Click the Open... ribbon button in Autoconverter and navigate to your grayscale PNG image within the open file dialog box. Remember, the image should be in black and white, with white representing shape areas and black representing void areas in the final model.
  2. Analyze and Define the 3D Shape:Step 2: Analyze and Define the 3D Shape

    Hit the Open button to initiate the conversion process. Autoconverter will analyze the image, automatically detecting contours based on the black and white contrast. These contours will define the borders of your 3D shape.
  3. Save the STL Model (Limited Number):Step 3: Save the STL Model (Limited Number)

    Click the Save As... ribbon button to save the converted model as an STL file. Important note: the evaluation version allows a limited number of saves, so use this step sparingly.

Convert PNG Images to STL Format: Conclusion

You have successfully converted a PNG image into an STL 3D model using our Autoconverter software. You can now use the STL file for further processing, 3D printing, or sharing. Remember, the conversion process is simplified and may not be suitable for complex images or detailed models. Thank you for using our Autoconverter!