Export OBJ, STL, 3DM, SKP, PLY, and Other 3D Files in AutoCAD

How to Export OBJ, STL, 3DM, SKP, PLY, and Other 3D Files from AutoCAD: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Install Automesher for AutoCAD:Step 1: Install Automesher for AutoCAD

    Begin your 3D export journey by downloading and installing our Automesher Application. After the download is complete, restart your AutoCAD session to load the Automesher application customization file.
  2. Activate 3D Export Command:Step 2: Activate 3D Export Command

    Open the AutoCAD command line window and enter the custom AMEXPORTMESH command. Select the polyface mesh, 3d solid, or any other supported 3D drawing entity from the AutoCAD drawing model space that you wish to export.
  3. Configure Export File Filter:Step 3: Configure Export File Filter

    In the save dialog box, customize your export settings by selecting the appropriate file filter for your desired file format.
    • For SKP, choose the Trimble SketchUp file filter.
    • For OBJ, select the Alias Wavefront Object file filter.
    • For STL, opt for the Stereolithography file filter.
    • For 3DS, go with the 3D Studio file filter.
    • For 3DM, choose the Rhinoceros 3D Model file filter.
    • For DAE, opt for the Collada file filter.
    • For STEP, use the STandardized Exchange of Product file filter.
    • For IGES, select the Initial Graphics Exchange Specification file filter.
  4. Specify File Name and Save:Step 4: Specify File Name and Save

    After setting the file filter, specify the file name to save the selected drawing entities in the chosen file format, whether it's STEP, STL, OBJ, 3DS, 3DM, DAE, SKP, or SAT, directly from AutoCAD.
  5. Compatibility with Other DWG Editors:Step 5: Compatibility with Other DWG Editors

    Explore the versatility of Automesher export capabilities not only in AutoCAD, but also in BricsCAD and ZWCAD.

Export 3D Files in AutoCAD: Conclusion

In conclusion, Automesher offers a simple and efficient way to export a variety of 3D file formats from AutoCAD. By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate your 3D models into other platforms or share them with others. This enhances your flexibility and collaboration in 3D design. Happy exporting!