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How to Consult Mass Properties for Meshed Objects: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Start Autoconverter Software:Mass properties for any meshed object with Autoconverter

    Start our Autoconverter software on your system. This is the initial step to access the mass properties of your meshes. You will see the main window with a ribbon bar, a groups panel, and a 3D viewer for your meshes.
  2. Import and Load Your Mesh:Step 2: Import and Load Your Mesh

    To import and load your mesh, you need to have it saved in a supported file format, such as STL, OBJ, PLY, 3DS, etc. You can drag and drop such file into the 3D view area to load it into the Autoconverter document.
  3. Select Your Input Mesh Group:Step 3: Select Your Input Mesh Group

    You can select your input mesh group by clicking on it in the 3D viewer. You will see a yellow box around the selected mesh group. You can also use the groups panel on the right side of the Autoconverter window to make your selection for the mass properties.
  4. Calculate Mass Properties:Step 4: Calculate Mass Properties

    To calculate the mass properties of your selected mesh node, you need to click on the Mass Properties button from the edit mesh ribbon group. The mass properties results will be printed in the dialog box. You will see the following information:
    • Mass: The total mass of your selected mesh group.
    • Centroid: The coordinates of the center of mass of your selected mesh.
    • Moments of Inertia: The moments of inertia of your selection about the three principal axes.
    • Radii of Gyration: The radii of gyration of your selected node about the three principal axes.
    • Principal moments and X-Y-Z directions about centroid: The values of the moments of inertia about the principal axes.

Mass Properties for Meshes: Concluding Remarks

You have learned how to use our Autoconverter program to calculate the mass properties of your meshes. You can use this feature to analyze the physical characteristics of your 3D mesh objects and optimize its design and performance. Remember to review the results carefully to ensure accuracy. Happy computing with our product!