Mesh to Solid in AutoCAD 2019

How to Convert Mesh to Solid in AutoCAD 2019: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Install Automesher:

    To begin converting meshes to solids in AutoCAD 2019, download and install our Automesher Application for AutoCAD.
  2. Restart AutoCAD:

    After installation, restart your AutoCAD 2019 program to apply the Automesher initial configuration.

    Use the AMCONVERTMESH command from the main Automesher menu or toolbar to initiate the conversion process.
  4. Select Polyface Mesh:

    Select the polyface mesh from your DWG drawing that you wish to convert into a 3d solid.
  5. Enable Fill Holes:

    Make sure the Fill Holes option in the conversion settings dialog is enabled to ensure a manifold solid output.
  6. Convert to a 3d Solid:

    Finally, press the OK button to convert your selected polyface mesh into a 3d solid entity directly in your AutoCAD 2019 environment.

Meshes to 3d Solids in AutoCAD 2019: Conclusion

By following these steps, you can efficiently convert a mesh into a 3d solid in AutoCAD 2019 using our Automesher Application. This process is essential for creating manifold solids that are suitable for various engineering and design purposes. Remember to check the final solid for any errors and make necessary adjustments to achieve the desired outcome. Happy designing!