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How to Convert FBX to OBJ File Format: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Download and Install Autoconverter:Convert FBX to OBJ file format

    To convert your FBX to an OBJ file, you will need to download and install our Autoconverter software. Autoconverter is a fast and easy-to-use software for 3D model conversion, optimization, and editing. It supports many popular file formats, such as FBX, OBJ, STL, SKP, and others.
  2. Run Our FBX Files Converter:Step 2: Run Our FBX Files Converter

    Once our FBX files converter is installed on your computer, you can run it from the Windows Start menu. You will see the main window of Autoconverter software, which has a ribbon bar, a properties panel, and a 3D viewer for your FBX and OBJ files.
  3. Open Your FBX File:Step 3: Open Your FBX File

    Click on the Open... toolbar button and navigate to your FBX file location. You can also drag and drop your FBX file into the 3D viewer. Press the OK button to import your FBX model into the Autoconverter document. You will see your FBX model displayed in the 3D viewer, along with its name, used materials, and number of faces and vertices.
  4. Convert Your FBX File to OBJ File:Step 4: Convert Your FBX File to OBJ File

    Click on the Save As... toolbar button to save and convert your FBX file to an OBJ file format. You can choose the destination folder and the file name for your OBJ file. Finally, press the Save button to save your FBX file as an OBJ file.

Convert FBX Files to OBJ Files: Conclusion

You have successfully converted your FBX file to an OBJ file with our Autoconverter software. You can now open your OBJ file with any software that supports it, such as Blender, SketchUp, or MeshLab. You can also use our Autoconverter software to edit, optimize, or convert your OBJ file to other file formats. Remember to consider the limitations of the evaluation version if you plan to convert multiple FBX files. Happy converting!