Import KML Google Earth Map into DWG AutoCAD

How to Import KML Google Earth Map File into AutoCAD: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Access the Power of Automapki:

    Begin by downloading and installing the free evaluation version of our Automapki Application for AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and ZWCAD.
  2. Execute Map Import Command:

    Launch AutoCAD and either type AmImportMap into the command window or simply click on the Import Map button located in the application ribbon bat.
  3. Choose Coordinate Reference System:

    Choose a coordinate reference system for your DWG drawing from a comprehensive list of over 3000 systems that are available by default.
  4. Select KML Map File:

    Select your input KML map file that you wish to import into the current AutoCAD drawing model space.
  5. Import of KML Placemarks:

    Press the Open button to start importing all Google Earth KML placemarks, including point, line string, and polygon geometries, into your DWG map.
  6. Support for Compressed KMZ Files:

    Note that Automapki Application goes beyond standard KML imports, offering support for the import of compressed KMZ (Google Earth Placemark) map files too.

Import KML / KMZ Files to AutoCAD: Conclusion

In conclusion, our Automapki Application provides a straightforward and efficient method for importing KML and KMZ map files into AutoCAD. This process allows for a seamless integration of Google Earth placemarks into your DWG maps, enhancing your ability to create detailed and accurate representations. Happy mapping!