Export KML Google Earth Map from DWG AutoCAD

How to Export and Save KML Google Earth Map File from AutoCAD: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Download Automapki Application:Import SHP to AutoCAD & export to Google Earth KMZ

    Start by downloading and installing the free evaluation version of our Automapki Application for AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and ZWCAD.
  2. Execute Map Export Command:Step 2: Execute Map Export Command

    Open AutoCAD and either type AmExportMap into the command window or simply select the Export Map item in the application menu.
  3. Customize Coordinate Reference System:Step 3: Customize Coordinate Reference System

    Choose a coordinate reference system for your map drawing from an extensive list of over 3000 systems that are available by default. Find easily your coordinate system by searching the EPSG code or the country it refers to.
  4. Select DWG Entities for Export:Step 4: Select DWG Entities for Export

    Select the DWG drawing entities you wish to export and save in the KML map file.
  5. Export DWG Entities to KML:Step 5: Export DWG Entities to KML

    Select the KML file to export to, then press the Save button to convert your DWG entities into styled line string and polygon geometries in the KML map file.
  6. Support for Compressed KMZ Files:Step 6: Support for Compressed KMZ Files

    Note that Automapki Application goes beyond standard KML exports, offering support for the export of compressed KMZ (Google Earth Placemark) map files.

Export DWG Drawings to KML / KMZ: Conclusion

In conclusion, our Automapki Application offers a user-friendly and efficient method for exporting DWG drawing entities into KML and KMZ map files. This process enables a smooth transition of your DWG map drawings into Google Earth placemarks, enhancing your ability to share and visualize your work. Enjoy your mapping journey!