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Import Google Maps in AutoCAD

How to import Google Map to AutoCAD step by step tutorial.

  1. Download & install a free evaluation of Automapki Application.
  2. Click on the Manage TMS Layers ribbon button to start AMTMSLAYERS command.
  3. Click on the Add button and add a new TMS server with the url below:${x}&y=${y}&z=${z}&s=Ga
  4. Switch to the WEB Maps browser and activate your new Google Maps hybrid layer.
  5. Run AMSETCOORDSYS command and select a coordinate reference system for your drawing map.
  6. Run AMINSERTTILEIMAGES command to select the coverage area for the Google Maps satellite tile images.
  7. Wait for the download of Google Maps tile images to finish and then switch to AutoCAD model space.
  8. Google Maps tile images are stitched together and inserted into your DWG drawing map as a background image.
  9. To use Bing Maps background images in AutoCAD please use the TMS server below:${q}.jpeg?g=854&mkt=en-US&token=Anz84uRE1RULeLwuJ0qKu5amcu5rugRXy1vKc27wUaKVyIv1SVZrUjqaOfXJJoI0
  10. Please note that to use Google Maps in AutoCAD you must agree with Google Maps terms & conditions.