Import SHP ESRI Shapefile to AutoCAD Drawing

How to Import SHP ESRI Shapefile to AutoCAD: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Download & Install Automapki Application:Import SHP to AutoCAD & export to Google Earth KMZ

    First, you need to download and install the free evaluation version of our Automapki Application. This application is designed to work with AutoCAD and allows you to import various types of geospatial data, including SHP shapefiles.
  2. Execute the Import Map Command:Step 2: Execute the Import Map Command

    Once the application is installed, open AutoCAD and type AmImportMap in the command window or click on the Import Map ribbon button. This will launch the map import function of our GIS application.
  3. Select Coordinate Reference System:Step 3: Select Coordinate Reference System

    Next, you need to select a coordinate reference system for your DWG drawing. Our application provides a list of over 3000 coordinate reference systems by default. Choose the one that matches your SHP shapefile.
  4. Import SHP Geometries and Attributes:Step 4: Import SHP Geometries and Attributes

    Now, select your input SHP shapefile to import into the current AutoCAD drawing model space. Our application will read the shapefile and import all point, line string, and polygon geometries from the SHP shapefile into your DWG map drawing.

Import SHP Shapefiles to AutoCAD: Conclusion

And that’s it! You have successfully imported an SHP shapefile into AutoCAD using our Automapki Application. Remember to save your work regularly and always double-check your data for accuracy. Happy mapping!