Convert Filmbox FBX File to a Different File Version

How to Convert Filmbox FBX File to Older or Newer File Version: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Download and Install Autoconverter:Step 1: Download and Install Autoconverter

    Before you can convert an FBX file version, you need to download and install our Autoconverter software on your computer.
  2. Start Our FBX Files Converter:Step 2: Start Our FBX Files Converter

    Launch our Autoconverter software by clicking on its new Windows Start menu shortcut.
  3. Convert FBX File Version:Step 3: Convert FBX File Version

    Go to the file menu and select Convert File Version…. This will initiate the FBX file version conversion.
  4. Specify FBX Files:Step 4: Specify FBX Files

    In the open file dialog, navigate to the location of your input FBX file whose file version you want to change. Then, in the next file dialog, specify a name for the new FBX file with your desired file version.
  5. Specify FBX File Version:Step 5: Specify FBX File Version

    In the FBX Save Parameters dialog, select the target FBX file version to convert your input file to. Choose from the following file versions:
    • FBX 2011: for FBX file version 2011.
    • FBX 2012: for FBX file version 2012.
    • FBX 2013: for FBX file version 2013.
    • FBX 2014: for FBX file version 2014.
    • FBX 2016: for FBX file version 2016.
    • FBX 2018: for FBX file version 2018.
    • FBX 2019: for FBX file version 2019.
    • FBX 2020: for FBX file version 2020.
  6. Convert Your FBX File:Step 6: Convert Your FBX File

    After selecting your desired version, press the OK button to start the conversion process of your FBX file to the chosen newer or older FBX version.

Convert FBX File Versions: Conclusion

Converting an FBX file version is a straightforward process with our Autoconverter software. By following these steps, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your 3D models to the required FBX file version. This flexibility allows for better compatibility with various 3D modeling tools and ensures that your work remains accessible and usable across different platforms and software versions. Always make sure to keep a backup of your original files before conversion to prevent any loss. Happy converting!