Convert Polyface Mesh to Solid in AutoCAD

How to Convert Polyface Mesh to Solid in AutoCAD Step by Step Guide

  1. Install Automesher Application:

    To transform a polyface mesh into a solid in AutoCAD, you’ll first need to download and install our Automesher Application. After installation, restart your AutoCAD program to initialize the application configuration.
  2. Select Input Polyface Mesh:

    Next, enter the AMCONVERTMESH command in the command line window. Select the polyface mesh from your current AutoCAD drawing that you wish to convert into a solid.
  3. Configure Polyface Mesh to Solid Conversion Options:

    Ensure that the 3dSolid, erase source entities, fill up mesh holes, and group by layer options are selected. Click the OK button to start the conversion of the polyface mesh into a 3D solid entity.
  4. Explore Compatibility:

    The conversion of polyface mesh to solid with our Automesher Application is also supported in BricsCAD and ZWCAD DWG editors.

In conclusion, our Automesher Application is a versatile tool for converting polyface meshes into solids in AutoCAD. It extends the functionality beyond AutoCAD, as BricsCAD and ZWCAD editors are also supported. Remember only to adjust the settings for the optimal polyface mesh to solid conversion results. Happy converting!