Unload Automesher Application Menu from AutoCAD

How to Unload the Automesher Application Menu from AutoCAD: Step by Step Tutorial

Unload Automesher Application Menu from AutoCAD
  1. Execute MENULOAD Command:

    Open the AutoCAD command line and type MENULOAD, then press Enter. This will execute the native MENULOAD command.
  2. Select AUTOMESHER Menu:

    In the MENULOAD dialog, look for the AUTOMESHER customization menu in the list of available menus. Once found, select it by clicking on it.
  3. Unload the Menu:

    With the AUTOMESHER menu selected, click on the Unload button. This action will unload the AUTOMESHER menu from the current DWG editor session.
  4. Restart AutoCAD:

    Close the AutoCAD program completely. Then, restart it to ensure that the changes made are persistent and the AUTOMESHER menu remains unloaded in future sessions.

Unloading Automesher Menu: Concluding Remarks

By following these steps, you have successfully unloaded the AUTOMESHER customization menu from your AutoCAD session. Restarting the program ensures that the menu will not load in future sessions, maintaining a cleaner workspace tailored to your needs. Remember, you can always reload the menu using the same MENULOAD command if you require it again.