Convert STL to SOLID File Format

How to Convert STL to SOLID File Format: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Download and Install Autoconverter:

    First, you need to download and install Autoconverter from the product page. Make sure to follow the installation instructions during the setup. Once the installation is complete, you can launch the Autoconverter program from the Windows start menu.
  2. Open and Load STL File:

    Click on the Open button located at the top left corner of the Autoconverter window. Navigate to the location where your scanned STL file is saved and select it to load it.
  3. Fill Up Geometry Holes:

    Next, you need to fill up any geometry holes in your STL mesh model. This is crucial to ensure 3D solid detection. You can use included Fillup Holes function in the program to do this.
  4. Save and Write as ACIS SAT File:

    After filling up the geometry holes, save and write your STL mesh model as an ACIS SAT file. This can be done by selecting Save As and choosing the SAT file extension.
  5. Import SAT File into CAD System:

    Finally, import the SAT generated file into your base CAD system, such as AutoCAD or BricsCAD. Please refer to your CAD system manual on how to import the ACIS SAT file.

Convert STL Files to SAT Files: Conclusion

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully convert a scanned STL file into an ACIS SAT file using our Autoconverter. Remember to check your STL mesh model for any errors or inconsistencies before the conversion. Happy modeling with our software!