STEP to 3DM Rhino Conversion with NURBS Surfaces

How to Convert STEP to 3DM Rhino with NURBS Surfaces: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Download and Install Autoshaper:

    To begin the conversion from STEP to 3DM, first, download our Autoshaper converter. Follow the installation instructions provided to ensure it is set up correctly on your system.
  2. Run Autoshaper:

    Next, locate our STEP files converter in your Windows Start menu and run it. This will start the application and prepare it for the conversion process.
  3. Open Your STEP File:

    Once Autoshaper is running, open your input STEP file that contains the NURBS surfaces you wish to convert. Ensure the file is accessible and ready for conversion.
  4. Save as 3DM:

    With the STEP file opened in Autoshaper, proceed to save and export the original STEP solid model to a Rhino 3DM file format. Choose a destination where you can easily find the file for the next step.
  5. Edit with Rhino:

    Finally, open the Rhinoceros 3D software and load the saved 3DM file for further editing. Rhinoceros 3D will allow you to make any necessary modifications to your 3D NURBS model.

STEP Files to 3DM Files: Conclusion

You have now successfully converted a STEP file to a 3DM file using our Autoshaper conversion software. This process allows for a smooth transition between different CAD software, ensuring that your designs are versatile and easily accessible for various applications. Remember to save your work frequently during the editing process to prevent any loss of progress. Happy modeling!