Integrating WMS Layers with AutoCAD

Integrating WMS Layers with AutoCAD

Introducing Automapki Application: Enabling WMS Integration

AutoCAD is a popular CAD (Computer-Aided Design) platform that can be used for various design and engineering purposes. However, if you want to access geo-spatial data from web map services in AutoCAD environment, you might need a third-party add-on. Automapki Application is a software that enables you to import and display WMS layers in AutoCAD and other DWG editors. It supports different spatial reference systems (SRS), including spherical mercator (EPSG:3857), which is the most widely used projection for web mapping applications.

Understanding Web Map Services (WMS)

WMS is a standard protocol that delivers geo-referenced images over the internet. It allows you to request maps of different regions, scales, styles, and formats from a server. WMS can provide data from various sources, such as satellite imagery, topographic maps, land cover, and more. You can use WMS images to enrich your AutoCAD spatial projects with real-world information and context.

Displaying WMS Layers in AutoCAD

To display your WMS layers in the maps browser panel, your WMS server should support the spherical mercator projection (EPSG:3857). If this is not the case, Automapki Application will automatically convert images downloaded from the WMS server into the web mapping projection used in the map's browser. The same automatic conversion will occur when you attempt to insert map tiles into your geo-referenced AutoCAD drawing with a coordinate system not supported by the WMS server.

Empowering AutoCAD Projects with WMS Images

You can view and compare WMS layers from different sources and regions in a consistent and accurate way, without worrying about projection distortions or mismatches. You can also choose the coordinate system that best suits your project region, such as UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator), WGS84 (World Geodetic System 1984), or any other supported SRS. Automapki handles the conversion of WMS map images to the desired SRS with seamless efficiency, saving you valuable time and effort.