Convert DWG to SHP: All You Need to Know

DWG to SHP: Resources

Please find below the list of our other useful resources related to the DWG and SHP files interoperability and exchange that can help you with the DWG to SHP files conversion.

DWG Drawing DWG

The DWG (AutoCAD Drawing) binary file format, developed by Autodesk for AutoCAD, is also supported by other software packages such as ZWCAD, BricsCAD, and IntelliCAD. As a result, DWG files have become the industry standard in CAD. Our add-ons, Automesher Application and Automapki Application, for your DWG editor, enable you to effortlessly convert DWG drawing entities into various 3D and GIS file formats. This facilitates seamless sharing of your AutoCAD designs across different platforms and applications.

ESRI SHP Shapefile SHP

The SHP (ESRI Shapefile) is a file format designed to store georeferenced shapes, which are represented by point, line string, and polygon geometries, along with their associated data attributes. Our Automapki Application, an add-on for AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and ZWCAD, enables the seamless import of SHP shape files into the DWG model space. This facilitates the reconstruction of every point, line string, and polygon geometry saved in the SHP shape file. Furthermore, our Automapki Application supports exporting DWG drawing entities to SHP shapefiles, thereby ensuring easy interoperability with other Geographic Information Systems (GIS).