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Import and export of map files in AutoCAD

Transform your DWG drawings into high-quality map files with Automapki Application for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and ZWCAD. The latest version of our application supports a variety of map file formats, including SHP (ESRI Shapefile), KML (Keyhole Markup Language), KMZ (Google Earth Placemark), GPX (GPS Exchange) and GeoJSON (GeoJSON Features Collection). And with your valuable input and feedback, we are continually looking to extend the list of supported map file formats in the next releases.

To import your map files into DWG drawing, simply click on the Import Map button from the application ribbon bar, specify your project's spatial reference system (there are over 3000 spatial reference systems available by default), and on the end select your external map file. The imported drawing entities will be styled based on the rules defined in your map file, if any, and every custom property attached to the map feature will be stored as a native XDATA (Extended Entity Data).

Exporting your DWG drawing as a map file using Automapki Application is also easy. Just click on the Export Map button in the application ribbon bar, select drawing entities you want to export, and finally specify a location for your SHP, GPX, KML, KMZ, or GeoJSON file. If you saved your DWG drawing entities to SHP or GeoJSON file then the custom properties stored as XDATA (Extended Entity Data) will be exported and available also in your saved map file.