Autoconverter for Batch Conversion of 3D Files

Autoconverter for Batch Conversion of 3D Files

The Crucial Need for Format Conversion in 3D Modeling

When you work with 3D models, you may have a requirement to convert them to different file formats. There are many 3D file formats, open and proprietary, each with its own features and purposes. Some are better for rendering, animation, editing or printing, but not all 3D software can support every 3D file format, so you may have to make your 3D mesh or solid models compatible with your native software.

Features of Autoconverter

Autoconverter is a software application that can help you to convert easily your 3D models between many 3D file formats. It supports a lot of 3D file extensions, such as 3DM, 3DS, 3MF, BLEND, DAE, DXF, FBX, GLTF, IFC, OBJ, OFF, SKP, STEP, STL, and others. With Autoconverter you can convert your 3D mesh or solid models from one file format to another without losing quality or any attached extended data.

Batch Conversion with Autoconverter

In addition to this, Autoconverter lets you do a batch conversion of multiple 3D files. You can use Autoconverter to do a batch conversion from the command line or with the batch conversion dialog box. The command line option lets you use parameters to specify a single 3D file to convert. The batch conversion dialog box lets you select multiple files and folders for the batch conversion process. You can also configure other conversion options, such as the file version, model units or surface tessellation quality.