Save Micro 3D Models to SketchUp SKP Files

Exploring SketchUp's Design Capabilities and Limitations

SketchUp is a popular 3D design software that allows you to create and model anything you can imagine. However, SketchUp has some limitations when it comes to working with very small dimensions, such as micrometers. In this article, we will explain why SketchUp does not support micrometers units, how you can overcome this problem by scaling your model, and how Autoconverter software can help you convert your micro design to SKP file format.

No Micrometers Units in SKP File

First of all, why does SKP file format not support micrometers units? The reason is that SketchUp uses a fixed precision of 0.001 inches (or 0.0254 millimeters) for its internal calculations. This means that SketchUp cannot create faces with edges smaller than this value, because it would result in numerical errors and inaccurate geometry. And it obviously restricts the level of detail you can achieve, potentially compromising the accuracy of your micro-scale models.

Use SketchUp Groups to Scale Down Your Model

So, how can you create a micro 3D model in SKP file if you need to use micrometers units? One possible solution is to make your model larger with millimeters units, enclose it in a group, and scale it down by the appropriate factor. For example, if you want to model a cube with a side of 10 micrometers, you can draw a cube with a side of 10 millimeters, group it, and scale it down by 0.001 (or 1/1000). This way, you can preserve the proportions and details of your model without losing any faces or edges.

Autoconverter as SKP Converter for Micro Models

If you are seeking for a more streamlined solution, Autoconverter software comes to the rescue. Our specialized file converter can automatically handle the conversion process when transitioning from micro designs to the SketchUp native SKP file format. By automating the scaling and unit conversion tasks, Autoconverter tool saves you valuable time and ensure the accuracy of your micro-scale models in SketchUp.

Conclusion About Micrometers in SketchUp

In conclusion, SketchUp does not support micrometers units because of its fixed precision and minimum size limit. However, you can still create micro 3D models in SketchUp by scaling them up using millimeters units and scaling them down with groups. Alternatively, you can use Autoconverter software to convert your micro design to SKP file format. Autoconverter can also help you convert your SKP file to other file formats including OBJ, STEP, FBX, or BLEND, if needed.