Automesher and Automapki Applications Discontinue Support for Older DWG Platforms

Automesher and Automapki Applications Discontinue Support for Older DWG Platforms

Important Update: Compatibility Changes in Next Release

Automesher Application and Automapki Application are two popular plugins that provide advanced meshing and mapping features for CAD users. They are compatible with various DWG editors, such as AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and ZWCAD. However, starting from the next release, these applications will no longer support BricsCAD versions below V18, ZWCAD versions predating 2018, and AutoCAD versions prior to 2010. This means that users of these older versions will not be able to use our applications on their systems.

Users Update theirs CAD Software

One of the primary factors driving this decision is the significant migration of CAD users to newer platforms. The majority of the user base has already transitioned to the latest versions, taking advantage of the enhanced features, performance improvements, and stability offered by these updated DWG editors. Another critical consideration behind this move is the optimization of installer size. Including unnecessary versions in the installer not only bloats the package size but also wastes the user's system resources for no reason.

Compatibility between BRX, ZRX, and ARX Libraries

Supporting older CAD platforms is also technically challenging due to the compatibility issues of the BRX and ZRX libraries, which are used to create plugins for BricsCAD and ZWCAD respectively, with the ARX library, which is used for AutoCAD. The older versions of BRX and ZRX were not fully compliant with the ARX specification, and therefore we had to implement and maintain alternative solutions for each DWG platform. This increased the development time and cost, as well as the risk of errors and bugs.

Delivering Cutting-Edge CAD Solutions

In conclusion, the discontinuation of support for older versions represents a strategic decision aimed at providing high-quality, cutting-edge solutions in the ever-evolving field of CAD technology. With the majority of users already migrated to newer DWG platforms, the decision aligns with the industry trends and best practices. Furthermore we encourage everyone who is still using the older versions of CAD platforms to upgrade to the latest ones, in order to enjoy the full benefits and features.