Enhance BricsCAD V24 with Automesher and Automapki Applications

Enhance BricsCAD V24 with Automesher and Automapki Applications

Introduction to BricsCAD V24: New Features and Capabilities

BricsCAD V24 is a powerful, intuitive, and interoperable software for designers, innovators, and engineers. The latest release includes a new UI framework, in-product tutorials, and AI driven tools such as SmartCell Copy, and AI Assist. Additional improvements can be seen in the TRIM and QDIM commands, ANNOMONITOR system setting, and impressive performance in generating 2D associative drawing views. Thanks to its compatibility with AutoCAD, the global standard in CAD software, you can edit DWG drawings without compromising data integrity or quality.

Automesher Application for BricsCAD V24

Automesher Application is our popular BricsCAD add-on, which extends the import / export capabilities, and it is compatible now with the new BricsCAD V24 release. This application supports a range of external 3D file formats, including GLTF, PLY, 3DS, JSON, 3MF, and others. Additionally, it allows you to convert between various DWG entity types, such as polygon meshes, polyface meshes, and solids. Automesher Application can help you to create and manipulate 3D models in BricsCAD V24 with ease and efficiency.

Automapki Application for BricsCAD V24

Complementing this is the invaluable Automapki Application, which integrates advanced web mapping and publicly available satellite imagery into the new BricsCAD V24. With Automapki Application, you can overlay your BricsCAD drawings onto satellite imagery sourced from Open Street Map, Open Topo Map, or any custom WMS base layer. Furthermore, Automapki Application allows you to import and export KML, KMZ, GeoJSON, GPX, and SHP map files, seamlessly integrating your BricsCAD V24 with other GIS platforms, including Google Earth and Google Maps.

BricsCAD V24 is Better than BricsCAD V23 But...

In conclusion, BricsCAD V24 is a flexible and complete CAD software, that can help you accomplish your project requirements. With Automesher Application and Automapki Application, you can enhance your BricsCAD V24 or even other versions, as long as they are not older than BricsCAD V18, with advanced meshing and mapping features. Download and install the latest BricsCAD V24 now, and try our advanced BricsCAD add-on for a complimentary evaluation period.