Convert Faces, Polygon, and Polyface Mesh to Solid in AutoCAD

From Meshes to Solids: Empowering 3D Editing with Automesher Plugin

Automesher Application is a plugin for AutoCAD / BricsCAD / ZWCAD which adds a functionality to convert a polyface mesh, polygon mesh, or a set of 3D faces into a true 3D solid entity type. This unique Automesher feature to convert mesh to solid enables standard solid editing commands and boolean operations to union, subtract, or intersect for polyface and polygon meshes.

Handling High-Precision Complex Solids: Automesher's Solution for Meshing Limitations

It is possible that for some complex solids and high values of the FACETRES system variable which controls the meshing precision, the number of mesh facets and vertices exceeding the polyface mesh limit equals 32,767. In that case Automesher creates several polyface meshes that connect smoothly and close the entire solid body. That polyface mesh group can be of course converted back into a standard 3D solid using commands provided by the Automesher add-on product.

Update: Recently we made an effort to improve our Automesher plugin with functionality to convert polyface into a polygon mesh entity. This allows Automesher to recreate a polygon mesh from any triangular data, e.g. 3D drawing entity or external 3D file format.