Convert SketchUp SKP file

SKP SketchUp SKP File

SKP (SketchUp) file format for a long period of time was maintained by Google, but currently it is actively developed by Trimble company. The SKP file allows to store named mesh groups with assigned transparent color or a surface material with a texture image. Please note however that Win32 build is not supported anymore from the SKP file version 16, therefore using Win64 build is recommended to work with the most recent SketchUp models. Using our Autoconverter software you can save SKP file to any file version you require, from the early SKP version 3 to the recent 2021.

XYZ Point Cloud XYZ File

XYZ (Point cloud data) is a file extension used for ASCII text files with the point cloud data. Each row of XYZ file contains 3D point coordinates separated by a special character usually a TAB and optionally 3D normal vector coordinates for that point. The normal vectors for the points are optional as it is possible to generate them on the fly based on the point cloud structure. Autoconverter is our XYZ file converter which allows to automatically reconstruct mesh surface from the point cloud data. Autoshaper is our another XYZ file converter which allows to reconstruct smooth NURBS surface from scattered points stored in XYZ file. The alternative file extension for point cloud data can be either ASC or TXT.