Convert WMS to AutoCAD Drawing

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Refer to the following resources for additional support on the interoperability and exchange of WMS and AutoCAD file formats. They will assist you in transitioning from WMS to AutoCAD file.


The WMS (Web Map Service) is a standard protocol developed by the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium). It’s designed for transferring georeferenced map images over the Internet. These images are generated by a map server, such as MapGuide or MapServer, using data stored in a GIS (Geographic Information System) database. With our Automapki Application product, an add-on for AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and ZWCAD, you can seamlessly combine multiple WMS layers from different sources and insert them into a georeferenced DWG drawing.

AutoCAD Drawing CAD

AutoCAD, a product of Autodesk, is a leading CAD (Computer Aided Design) software program. It supports the native DWG drawing format, which is capable of containing both 2D and 3D geometry data, along with additional project metadata. Our AutoCAD add-ons, Automesher Application and Automapki Application, enable seamless import and export from a wide range of external file formats directly into AutoCAD’s drawing model space. To ensure optimal integration with the AutoCAD environment and efficient translation from external 3D and GIS file formats, we utilize the advanced ObjectARX customization technology for AutoCAD provided by Autodesk.