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Autoconverter Uses Vertex Normals to Display Smooth Meshes

Vertex normals play an important role in defining the visual appearance of 3D mesh objects. Vertex normals are vectors that indicate the direction a surface is facing, influencing how the scene lights interact with it. By assigning normals to each vertex of a mesh, the shading and rendering algorithms can accurately determine how light should interact with the surface, creating realistic lighting effects and smooth shading.

Automesher and Automapki Applications Support ZWCAD 2024

ZWCAD 2024 is a fast and powerful CAD software that works seamlessly with AutoCAD, the most widely used CAD program in the world. You can edit DWG drawings with ZWCAD 2024 without losing data or quality. ZWCAD 2024 has introduced Flexiblock, a feature that lets you change the shape of your block references quickly and easily. You can also convert dynamic blocks from AutoCAD to Flexiblocks and edit them in ZWCAD 2024. Flexiblocks make block creation in DWG drawings faster and easier.

Convert Solid Meshes to Faceted BREP in STEP File

Breps are a type of boundary representation (B-rep) model that is used to describe the shape and topology of a solid object. B-rep models consist of vertices, edges, faces, and shells that form the boundary of the solid. A special kind of B-rep model is a faceted BREP, which only has flat faces that are enclosed by polygons. These polygons are called polyloops, and they are made of vertices joined by straight edges.