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Automapki application creates satellite background image in DWG drawings

The recent Automapki application release 1.4.0 allows users to insert web map tiles directly into DWG drawings and create satellite or aerial background images for the selected working area. This feature gives every AutoCAD, BricsCAD or ZWCAD user a new possibility to design and draw on top of any supported web map provider either MapQuest, Open Aerial or Open Street Map.

Convert mesh to solid or solid to polyface mesh with Automesher application

Automesher application converts any polyface mesh drawing entity into a true 3D solid object. Modeling with solids in comparison to native meshes gives an unique possibility to use union, subtract or intersect boolean operations and other advanced solid editing commands available only for 3D solid drawing entities.

Automesher application update 1.5.1 supports AutoCAD 2013

We are pleased to announce today the new Automesher application update 1.5.1 to import / export many 3D file formats and convert 3D drawing meshes into real solid objects. The new Automesher release comes with support for the new AutoCAD 2013, BricsCAD V13 and ZWCAD 2012 drawing editors. It also supports the newest Trimble Sketchup SKP 8 and Rhinoceros 3DM 5 file formats.